CoinhexPro(CXP) Decentralising the world of finance

CXP token runs on BEP-20 Network. Transactions paid for using CXP tokens will be significantly discounted with the token

ICO Seed Sale will Ends in

Soft Cap 1,250,00 Hard Cap 1,500,00

Accepted Currency: BNB, ETH, BTC, USDT, ADA, SOL

About CoinhexPro

CoinhexPro is the easiest place to buy and sell cryptocurrency. CoinhexPro is offering NFTs through its partnership with NFT Ocean and are compatible with ERC20/BSC

CXP, a utility token backed by CoinhexPro, forms the backbone of CoinhexPro ecosystem. We launched CXP tokens to involve our community in helping us build out CoinhexPro, and reward them accordingly for contributing to our success.

This helps us stay true to the ethos of cryptocurrency and blockchain - to share the rewards of CoinhexPro's success with our early adopters and supporters.


Every feature you need for financial freedom. Buy and sell cryptocurrency, directly from CoinhexPro. Easily and effortlessly buy and sell NFTs’ from CoinhexPro Platform.

Problems and challenges

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Complicated to Use

Current platforms require investors to understand complex technical terminology. They also require the performance of complicated interactions to perform transactions which causes the reduction in potential investor participation

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Dificult Payments & Transfers

The lack of a direct bridge between cryptocurrency and fiat payment networks reduces the portion of savings that investors are willing to hold in cryptocurrencies. The inability to make direct crypto to fiat payments and transfers to other individuals or companies, reduces the attractiveness of cryptocurrencies as a store of savings

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High Fees & Commissions

Existing platforms charge high fees and commissions which can be reduced through the streamlining of their platform’s operational inefficiencies and business models.

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Lack of Beginner Friendly Guidance

New investor learning curves can be significantly reduced through the targeted focus on beginner investors within the platform’s investor experience and journey models.

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Lack of Shared Experience

Existing platforms lack social interactivity features yet current studies indicate that investors are likely to increase their investments when working in groups due to the effects of socially supported decision-making.

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Digital Ownership

Current technologies to allow for the decentralized ownership of digital and physical assets lack in terms of security and identifiability and fall prey to piracy and fraud.

Key Features

Pay Utility Bills & Make Payments:

Direct utility bill payments and invoice payments from cryptocurrency holdings. Transfer funds or cryptocurrency to family and friends seamlessly.

Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies:

Beginner friendly, 3-click cryptocurrency purchase and sale interface for hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs .

NFT Art & Media Marketplace:

Easy to use marketplace to trade art and media from the industry’s hottest stars, using NFT technology.

Chat with Friends and Groups:

Chat with family and friends in groups of unlimited numbers of members. This will enable the creation of a social network within the platform and encourage increased investment and trading through on-platform user to user interactions and support.

Zero Fees:

0% fees and commission on cryptocurrency buying and selling transactions.

Expert Advice & Support:

Receive expert advice and support at the click of a button.


We have put in deflationary system via auto burned for each transaction to ensure the decreased of token in circulation over time, and thus rise in token price

Token Name


Token Symbol


Token Price

0.013 USD

Minimum Purchase


Maximum Purchase

100000 Token

Purchase Method


Max Supply


Contract Address


Token Distribution

CXP runs on the BEP-20 network and is compiled with the latest version of Solidity, in order to avoid compiler bugs, along with a community audited contract. CXP can be stored on and transferred to and from most major cryptocurrency wallets including Meta Mask wallet.

How to Buy

Please follow below steps to buy CXP tokens

  • 1. User need to Register here first
  • 2. After Register user needs to Login here
  • 3. Now go to Buy Token page
  • 4. Select the currency. click any of currency to select (ETH, BTC, BNB, USDT, ADA, SOL)
  • 5. Calculate token price. Enter the token amount you want to purchase. and it will give you USD price.
  • 6. Below accept the 'Terms & Privacy Policy'. Click on 'PAYMENT DETAILS' button
  • 7. A popup will apprear with the crypto amount. You need to send exact same crypto amount to Admin's wallet. Scan the QR Code or copy wallet address and Send crypto to that wallet address
  • 8. Below you will see 'CONFIRM PAYMENT' button to click.
  • 9. You will see a form to select the 'Currency' you have paid for. then Enter the 'amount in crypto'. Enter the 'Transaction Hash' and Click to submit.
  • 10. Wait for admin to apporve the transaction and send you the tokens.

Road Map

March 2022


Seed funding round with ICO
launch for capital raise
development, deployment,
marketing and operations

May 2022


Deployment of the first
CoinhexPro demonstration
version and professional

October 2022

CoinhexPro V1 LAUNCH

Launch of Fully Licensed CoinhexPro
Version I. Including IOS and Android
apps with full NFT marketplace and
cryptocurrency trading.

December 2022


Launch of fiat deposit feature,
allowing users to make GBP ,INR
and EUR deposits into their
CoinhexPro accounts.

March 2023


Launch of e-banking services for the
UK, EU and Indian markets.
Issuance of CoinhexPro debit cards
usable at Global retail points of sale

July 2023


Merchant account services and
retail partnership initiative

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest motivation for CoinhexProis to give users from all other blockchains a stable and affordable way to swap between different token pairs easily and cheaply. At the same earning a good yield on their investment.

We chose BscScan because of its fast transfer speed, low fees and the continuous growth the  blockchain.

The ICO schedule is divided into 3 stages, the 1st ‘SEED SALE’, the 2nd ‘PRIVATE SALE’, and the 3rd ‘PRE SALE’. You can check the number and period of tokens sold for each schedule on CoinhexPro official SNS.

Caravel plans to host exclusive nft airdrops in near future

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